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Beaver-Human Conflict Resolution

The American beaver (Castor canadensis) has been one of the most influential and controversial species on the North American landscape for thousands of years.  As a keystone wildlife species, the positive influence of this single aquatic mammal on our landscape is undeniable.  This “ecosystem engineer” has supported biodiversity on a nearly unimaginable scale.


As the dominant species on the planet, modern humans suffer from “ecological amnesia” when it comes to the beaver. Even as trained wildlife biologists and restoration ecologists, we’ve collectively forgotten the value of beavers on the landscape. If we are to survive as a species, we have to reevaluate our priorities regarding wetlands, water, wildlife habitat, and an aquatic rodent species that shaped a continent.


In modern landscapes, the beaver continues to have a significant impact.  An ever-growing contingent of forward-thinking biologists, ecologists, and land managers are reigniting conversations on behalf of this venerable species.  The goal is to foster a greater understanding of the multitude of ecological benefits beavers create on the landscape and help those who are willing to learn co-existence with the beaver.


Native Range Ecological (NRE) is committed to reevaluating and teaching the benefits of beavers.   Our journey of beaver-rediscovery began with a trip to Baltimore, Maryland in the summer of 2022 to “BeaverCon” ( This biannual conference is a gathering of “Beaver Believers” converging from multiple nations.  It was there we learned about the Beaver Institute’s ( work and started our journey on the path of the certification through the “BeaverCorps” program (


  • Permitting, Planning, and Installation of flow devices such as:

    • Flexible Pond Levelers

    • Fence and Pipe Devices

    • Diversion Dams

    • Keystone Culvert Fences

  • Installation of Beaver Dam Analogues (BDAs)

  • Installation of tree protection devices

  • Wetland and waterway restoration planning

  • Native aquatic vegetation restoration planning

  • Education and consultation on beavers

Beaver Co-existence Services Offered by NRE:

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